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Ubuntu logoI like to keep stuff separated, so this blog will contain observations and hopefully conversations about IT, geeky stuff and social software. As I am writing this, I have just completed downloading Ubuntu Linux 7.04 which was released today. Their site still have symptoms of quite a heavy load, as the most of the (geeky) world is probably reading about or downloading version 7.04 of this great Linux distribution.

I was actually about to rant a bit about the pet names they give their releases (this list was nicked from Wikipedia) – I have yet to figure out why animals with distinctions make better release names.

  • 4.10 The Warty Warthog
  • 5.04 The Hoary Hedgehog
  • 5.10 The Breezy Badger
  • 6.06 The Dapper Drake LTS (Long Term Support)
  • 6.10 The Edgy Eft
  • 7.04 Feisty Fawn

In October of this year Gutsy Gibbon (of course referring to version 7.10 of Ubuntu Linux) should once again start an extra fan or two on the Ubuntu download mirrors.

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